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Thank you for your help in making this years

conference possible.

Thank you each and everyone for coming and being a part of this conference,  it would not have been possible had you not taken time away from your normal schedule and sacrificed time away from your family to come and join us.  We are honored that you chose to be a part of this weekend.

To Pastor Brady Hacker for his support to our Women's Ministry and allowing us to host this conference.  Also for the many honey-do's Pastor Vanessa asked of him as she and the planning team prepped for the conference.

Planning Team:

Rachel Andrada, Brenda DeLaCruz, Susan Clark, Denna Kilpatrick, Pam Rogers, Rebecca Vargas,

Tiffany Salazar, Stephanie Guthrie

Southside Band & Worship Team:

Roman Benavides, Tyler Hacker, Israel Vargas, Israel Vargas Jr., Jiovan Vargas, Rachel Andrada, Rebecca Vargas, Alexis Vasquez

Sound & Media:

Mireya Zazueta, Mike DeLaCruz, Pastor Brady

Safety Team & Help with

Setup/Break Down:

Men of Southside

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