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A ministry of outreach to the homeless and those who are less fortunate or facing struggles in their life.

Homelessness affects thousands of people in our midst every day. We believe that the path to a healthy and self-supportive lifestyle should be available for everyone—but none of us finds that path alone.
Many people in San Antonio find themselves without a home through out any given year. Whether as a result of mental illness, diminished opportunity, unfortunate life choices, or violence and trauma in their past, these individuals have lost hope, lost faith, and lost sight of their true path.

Our mission is to demonstrate God’s love to the homeless and the needy in our city, for it is by God’s love that the chains of poverty and dysfunction can be broke. With your help and support, a sustainable lifestyle is within reach for everyone.

Connecting People
The first action of Compassion Connection volunteers is to seek heart-to-heart connections with the homeless and less fortunate of our city. We want each and every one of these new friends to know that they are recognized and appreciated, that they have not been forgotten. We will be taking teams to where homeless are and distributing food and hygiene kits as we minister not only to their physical needs but spiritual as well by sharing Gods love. 

Search & Rescue Missions
We search all over the city for homeless friends who are out under bridges, in the woods, parking lots and other isolated places. We bring the love of Jesus Christ and resources.

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